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Natural disasters – Disclosure by Telefonica

(Source page 24 – 25 2018 Consolidated financial statements Telefonica S.A.) Natural disasters – Disclosure by Telefonica

We have Global Business Continuity Regulations which, among other matters, contemplate the controls necessary to ensure the security and continuity of our processes, defining the necessary management, roles and responsibilities. These regulations contemplate:

  • Business Continuity Plan: Outlines the process and associated logistics so that the Company can recover and restore critical functions that have been partially or totally disrupted within a given time after an unwanted shutdown.
  • Global Crisis System: By means of which we manage the high-impact incidents that threaten us. It has a Global Crisis Committee, which includes specialists depending on the type of incident (natural catastrophes, man-made incidents, cyber-threats, incidents in networks, incidents in information systems, etc.). The Committee acts in four phases: alert of the crisis at local level, evaluation of the impact at global level, development of the activity and implementation of the action procedures, and close of the crisis for return to normality.
  • Ensuring resilient, high-quality infrastructure: We work to ensure that our network is of the highest quality, resistant to failures and protected from disruptions. We have innovative services in order to improve our ability to react to those situations, helping the civil population and local administrations to respond more efficiently. For example, satellite equipment maintains communications during the reactivation of infrastructures affected by a natural disaster. We have Cell Backhaul, BGAN (Broadband Global Area Network) and satellite telephone services, which have been used in those cases.
  • Offering as much information as possible about the status of our networks and services at all times, even in adverse situations. Besides periodically publishing reports on the quality of our services, we also offer users tools to check the status of the mobile network in real time via the websites of our brands and countries, e.g. Movistar in Spain and O2 in the UK.

Natural disasters – Disclosure by Telefonica

Natural disasters - Disclosure by TelefonicaWe also collaborate with governments, administrations and humanitarian organizations to strengthen response strategies. Natural disasters – Disclosure by Telefonica

Example of the main crisis and emergencies in 2018 Natural disasters – Disclosure by Telefonica

Natural disasters - Disclosure by Telefonica

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