Construction contracts Measuring progress

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Construction contracts Measuring progress relates to a complete explanation of IFRS 15 Revenue from contracts with customers in respect of Engineering & Construction contracts, see Revenue from Engineering & Construction contracts.

When a performance obligation is satisfied over time, the standard provides two types of methods for measuring progress under the contract: input methods or output methods. The standard requires an entity to select a single measurement method for the relevant performance obligations that best depicts the entity’s performance in transferring goods or services and it does not allow a change of method. That is, a performance obligation must be accounted for under the method the entity selects (i.e., either an input or output method) … Read more

Construction contracts revenue over time or at a point in time?

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Construction contracts revenue over time or at a point in time? – In the this has been a enthusiastic discussion back and forth, and that is what it still is….

The rule: If the contract arrangements do not permit revenue to be recognised progressively, then revenue is recognised at a specific point in time on transfer of control, which for a construction contract will likely be close to completion.

The explanations: Should a contractor recognise revenue as construction work takes place or on practical completion?

While IFRS 15 was under development, a key concern of the construction industry was whether contractors would continue to recognise revenue as the contract progresses, similar to the stage of completion method … Read more