Customer relationships valuation

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Customer relationships valuation is based on valuation model. Here such a valuation model is presented to value customer contracts and the related customer relationship and the non-contractual customer relationships, as per IFRS 3 Business Combinations.

References (to familiarise yourself with the subject):

Customer contracts and the related customer relationships
Non-contractual customer relationships
Order or production backlog

What are the inputs to the model?


Revenue – represents revenue from existing customer relationships for existing products. Includes contractual and non-contractual relationships (even those without current backlog or commitments). Separate valuation of a backlog revenue intangible asset can be considered if and when such backlog exists.

The model assumes a “market participant” point of view, … Read more

IAS 38 Non-contractual customer relationships

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IAS 38 Non-contractual customer relationships, in Business Combinations, this is a intangible asset and is therefore recognised separately from goodwill, provided that its fair value can be measured reliably. This customer-related intangible asset does not arise from contractual or other legal rights, but meets the definition of an intangible asset because it is separable. IAS 38 Non-contractual customer relationships

IAS 38 Non-contractual customer relationships

If a customer relationship acquired in a business combination does not arise from a contract, the relationship is an intangible asset if it meets the separability criterion. Exchange transactions for the same asset or a similar asset provide evidence of separability of a non-contractual customer relationship and might also provide information about exchange prices that should be considered … Read more